As a general rule, students are encouraged to breath!!! 🤭
It’s amazing how many people forget 🤪

When exerting a force (Punch, block, kick, press-up etc) = Breath Out!
So obviously (or sometimes not), you need to Breath In first!

For the younger students (e.g. Kicking Tigers), it may be easier to get them to call out the technique.
i.e. “Punch” when punching, “Block,” “Kick” etc
This will also help instil what the techniques are when they are asked to perform them at the test.

Controlled breathing helps the student/sports-person to delay fatigue.

The breath Out in Taekwon-Do is a coordinated action that tenses the muscles upon impact of the technique. This tension serves to prevent injury from a possible counter-attack and combines the mass of the components to form one solid chain during a technique.

This increases Force!!

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