In 1993, I was introduced to The General. General Choi Hong Hi 9th Dan Grand master and Founder of Taekwon-Do. A short man with grey hair in a tan suit and brown shoes.

He was placid looking but definitely from army and stood Tall, even though he barely broke 5ft.

With him was Grand master Rhee Ki Ha. The gentleman who is credited with bringing Taekwon-Do to the UK in 1967 through the RAF. The training was intense, for me anyway. 23 years old and used to training maybe 3 times per week. My feet were not prepared for the days ahead.

It was The Best training course I have ever done simply because it was 5 days of work. It started near enough on-time. It ended, again, near enough on-time. All the courses I have ever done since have been lax, start-time been and gone and still waiting for the “headline” to turn-up. Definitely lacking in courtesy towards attendees. Two hour lunch breaks and then finishing early.

In the evenings of the IIC, I was so elated to be outside in the cool Scottish air and walk upon the massive boulders that massaged my feet. Much needed after the pounding they had received.

I remember going to a swanky Hotel afterwards. I think it was the Carlton (Hilton) on the Bridges where we had a cheeky drink with The General – mine was probably fresh orange or a lemonade :-/

We were told shortly before it, when we say “cheers” that our glasses were not to go higher than The General’s.

In Korean culture (link below), when clinking glasses, the rim of your glass should be lower than those of a higher status, otherwise this would be impolite.

Here is a page I found with Korean Drinking Culture

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