What does your Mindset and Perseverance look like?
“I’m too tired,” “It’s too difficult,” “I can’t do that”

The ice caps melt or a meteor strikes the earth and causes mass flooding… what do you do?

😲 Give up and drown?
OK, a bit Dramatic and there is a slim chance of this happening during our lifetime… perhaps…

When not in immediate danger, the average person will be quite happy to plod along. I think I read that accounts for 97% of the population 🤔

Put a gun to their head, or threaten to harm a loved on… I think you’ll agree that things would get done pretty quickly.

So why are we so… LAZY?
It’s our Programming. It’s our Mindset. How we react and how we behave are all sub-conscious programmes that we have developed as we have been growing up.

You, Your child or Grandchild wants to be…

  • In the Emergency services,
  • Scientist,
  • Actor/Footballer,
  • Racing Driver,
  • A Teacher,
  • A Farmer,
  • An Astronaut…
  • All Ambitions that require Drive, Focus, Attention to Detail, Repetition…

The Martial Arts training instils Focus, Drive, Ambition, Courtesy, Integrity and Perseverance!

Usually through very uncomfortable conditioning and very physical Drills.
The MINDSET is being Altered, Programmed to Push and Drive. Come what may.

✅ YES – You get sweaty!!!
✅ YES – You get thirsty!!!
✅ YES – You get Tired!!!
✅ YES – You get bumped and knocked!!!
✅ YES – You Will want to Quit!!

Sports Day. Hot day. Long Day. Fallen off a bike?
Got back on the bike?

Why do I Teach?
I’m not sure… maybe it’s because I want You to Succeed. Maybe it’s because I can transform lives through Martial Arts.


If you’re training hard enough, you won’t be thinking about the mundane chores, meetings tomorrow, things-to-do, buying nappies.

Keep your mind In The Room by applying More Effort, Move faster. Attempt to drive yourself further by striving to achieve better results.


I can drive/push people to where they Can go, not where their Mindset is leading them : to mediocrity.
The ability to Quit is not a Strength nor is it a Skill. It’s a condition of a weak mind full of excuses of why they don’t and why they can’t.

➡ But You Can
➡ So, Do It!


We may not all wish to be a Martial Arts Champion. Perhaps the thought of competition never entered your mind.
But you are always in competition with yourself.
Will your mind give in before your body?
Do you want to remain in this Comfortable, non progressive, lazy, veggie-state?

Try to Achieve

In class do something you not done before. What have you tried this week?
✅ Highest Score in a Test
✅ Improved your stances
✅ Got the Hand-Crossing perfected
✅ Broke the Board
✅ Performed the 360 ° Kick
✅ Managed 20 Push ups – without knees!
✅ Passed My Belt Test
✅ Entered a Competition
✅ Read War and Peace
✅ Passed Driving Test
✅ Galloped on a Horse and not fallen

What have you Achieved lately?


Mindset and Perseverance need time to grow. You have to learn and practice. Don’t complain in class if it’s Hard or you’re Sweating or we’re doing the drill AGAIN…
Because that’s what Successful people do.
That’s what Champions do.
And so that’s what You’re going to do when you come to class.

They cannot Stop Me – I am unstoppable!
They cannot Limit Me – I am limitless!
They cannot Beat Me – I am a Champion!

You must focus on the outcome you wish to achieve and persevere until you have achieved it.

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