Saturday 2nd April – Swindon

A Fun day out at the ITC squad training – It’s been a very long time since I attended any type of Taekwon-Do training, let alone Squad Training. It’s a 90 minute drive to Swindon, but I got off my butt and trained with them. And I am glad I did!

Two hours of training and I started to feel it before the end of the session. But it was a great session, I tried hard, worked hard and know what I need to work on – or rather, had it confirmed what I need to work on.

The warm up really helped with the lacking in flexibility but the stamina and muscle fatigue came quite quick; especially the Left Calf, which is where the MS seems to have it’s effect.

Pad Drills, Sparring and Patterns are typical of any squad training as its geared towards the events that make up a tournament. Maybe another time we can practice the Power Test – breaking stuff!

ITC Squad Training - Ian Hollinsworth attended
Senior Grades at Squad Training

A great session, glad I went, want to do it again. Is this me getting my “Mojo” back? We shall see.

Saturday 9th April – Romsey

A couple of familiar faces at this training and great to meet many new faces, including Master John McNally. We’ve spoken a few times but this is the first time we have met face to face.

More focus on sparring including how you present yourself (persona or character) to the opponent, judges, etc. Decisive, confident, “I’m going to win this” attitude. Not in an egotistical, ignorant/rude way but in a positive mind way. All the top athletes do this, why shouldn’t it apply to anyone in sport?

You can push yourself all you like but you need to believe in yourself too; condition the mind and body. You need to believe in yourself and continuously speak to yourself (not in a crazy way) in a positive way. Any negativity sets you back, whether the words are from you or someone else.

Some tough moments during the session but you’ve got to keep pushing. Pause if you need to, but then carry on trying. Here’s the Photo album of the session.

I’m looking forwards to the next session.

The ITC (International Taekwon-Do Council) is a National Governing Body that is registered with UK Government HMRC as a true Council, that prefer the use of the term Guiding, after they prefer to Support, Help and Guide.

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